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Since 2001  Adena Bannick has been a leading independent psychic medium. She  gained a loyal and long standing following with her truthful , accurate and compassionate readings.

 As a child Adena naturally heard and communicated with spirits she knew were angels. Through-out her life angels and guides have whispered, spoken and often yelled in her ear loudly enough to remind her that her challenge in this life was to experience the truth of what being "consciously in love" with each other can really be;   and in doing that , accepting the responsibility of  reflecting that integrity back to you. 

Adena's readings are always about uncovering the choices we have  in all the situations and experiences we see subjectively.

"There is a Universal Law working in everything we do. It works exactly the way gravity or photosynthesis does.  This law is that in every single conflict, or loss , or problem, there is not just an opportunity for growth, but knowing why people feel the way they do, or seeing what is making you fearful , and having a birds eye view of an entire relationship can actually change and transform not just this aspect of your life, but every other one as well."

Adena is the Host of  Meta Mondays and Growing up Indigo  ( voted one of the top best spiritual /metaphysical podcast for 2016/2017) . Her show is currently on Hiatus and will return to BBS radio on Mondays .

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Free Reading Tuesday November 6 2018

 Hi Everyone, This week I answered a question regarding a lost  bracelet. While lost objects aren't something I usually focus on, a psychic is a psychic :). I wish I could apply that to myself. I have lost so many precious items.   She sent a long a picture of the bracelet, although I'm not sure I needed it. When I found the item, or I should say, when the item came to me, it didn't look exactly the way it really was.   What the picture had shown me was how it had happened . If I am doing these readings via a phone instead of email, or on line, the imagine or answer will come almost immediately.  In this case, a few days went by because I did not push for where it was. I simply put the question out and waited for the visual. It came and was very clear.  I  knew that not being able to explain that it may not be 100 percent the way I am explaining it , may at first give someone the feeling that the information isn't accurate, but I was sure that because the image was so clear, and came through so strong, she would definitely find it.  


Thank you for trying..   This item is SO valuable to me (sentimental value only). If there is a chance I could have it back, I really want to try.

 Thank you!​​ 

​L​--  I just saw a frame for a child’s bed it’s not the side of the bed. It looks like either the foot, or the head of the bed and a silver bracelet appears to be stuck on one of the slats of the frame on the bed. I think it’s a child’s bed because the paint is a lighter pastel color. Can you let me know if there’s anything like that somewhere. Hope you find it. Xo



Adena....I was SO disappointed when I read your email. I figured someone else had it, having found it on the ground or something & kept it, because there is no child’s bed that is pastel in color (the only child’s bed is dark brown); and a very big possibility it slipped off at my son’s school.

When I dissected your email, I started checking all around my bed because I have white-washed/pinkish wood nightstands...AND, at THE FOOT OF MY BED, I have this storage bench...well, OMGEE...I reached around the floor behind it and THERE IT WAS!!!! I can now understand how you were picking up a child’s bed, too. I’ll send you a picture if your would like for validation.

THANK YOU!!!!!  I can’t fully expressed how much this means to me—although I think you may know!!! Lol.


Dear Adena,

I hope you are ok and everything is going well with you. I have had a few setbacks and medical issues I had to take care of. I'm now planning my move to between 6/8 weeks from now. I would like to as you to please do a Monday free reading for me, my concerns are will I be ok? Will I be able to find a place to stay/work? I'm very afraid of being homeless. Is it asking help to non profit organizations really the right choice? I have no money or anyone to help but I'm tired beyond the pale of being here and unable to find work at the same time I wonder if this move is really the right decision, is it? Should I really do this? Its what at heart I really want but so many fears.... I know you have looked into this for me before but as some time has passed I would like to know what you see now as far as this still being a good decision or not and any advice I would be very grateful for. I'm very lost and I don't know, I just don't know what to do with my life, I'm afraid of doing this and just have another failure so despite the fact it's what I want I just want to go ahead if its the right thing, I hope this move can/ will turn my life around and finally set me in the right path to take care and support myself. My date of birth is January  (edited) . Thank you so much in advance, like always I will be very grateful for your advice and guidance. I always think of you. Big hugs, love P

Hi P

This was a big order to fill, but I think I was able to see ( Hear and feel too :) what is going on with where you are in your life right now and give you some insight. At the very least, what I hope to do , is to calm you down enough so you can understand that nothing is irrevocable. You are viewing this situation as such an ending it is almost paralyzing you from making any move at all,  even when it comes to just thinking about all the choices you could make.

The first thing I did was ask if the move, the job and a new start would be not only good for you, but also, if it would be successful.   It would.  I then asked - would you receive help from the non profit agency?  Yes, you would.   You are and always have been a highly successful person who gets what she sets her heart and mind on getting.  So, what happened here? Why has this move - job- difficulty in getting out of this situation been so dire for you?  First of all, I need to say again,  I consistently talk to clients who say the same thing in their lives , on a personal level, I have experienced the exact same thing and so have all of my personal friends. There is no doubt in my mind why it has happened.   It has been the last five years for many of us.  Going back to the Mayan Calendar prophecy of 2012 when the world  ( calendar ) ends, something monumental was to happen.  Many people took that literally. People said that some would not " survive " the "change". Again, people believed it meant they would literally die.  What is actually happening is that much like it was given to us in the last half of the 20th century from so many awakened masters - the earth was heading toward crisis. Human consciousness needed a wake up call.  We had to evolve 100 times faster than ever before in our history.  We were being sent more help and information from higher source than perhaps we could assimilate.  The people who were already on that path and open are people who are highly Sensitive People . These people are called Empaths and they are found in all walks of life. They are being asked to change rapidly in order to usher in the new consciousness and sometimes that means taking a hit for the team in that the sensitive ones are the first to feel all the changes in thinking, feeling, old beliefs, systems, physical changes that need to occur as we become so much more attuned to the higher vibration than ever before  People who have not been as open to change will of course "not die", and I noticed that these people went through periods of less difficulty . I believe that was needed for balance. You can't have everyone falling apart at the same time. What will happen is that we will all evolve at the right time .

So P, that is part of what is happening, but on a personal level there is so much more.

Several weeks before this email question you wrote about a situation there that was about dealing with the  extended family of  who you are with. In that email, you said that you needed advice on how to protect both you and your partner from that influence.

I wasn't able to answer at that time, however, I took note of the email because I know  its been your desire for a long time to leave there. That question made me wonder if you had changed your mind.

I understand so well what may be going on in your heart , your mind and spiritually.

Lets look at the past.  You tell yourself that you went into this situation 100 percent eyes open. Not only did you know everything going on there , you also knew things above and beyond what he knew. You felt that you could handle whatever came because you did have so much insight. You also believed forewarned or forearmed and you would not allow certain things to happen. It makes sense that several years down the line you would blame yourself for forcing the issue and making something work out the way you wanted it to and for losing more of yourself than you bargained for in the process .

You have history there now. This has become the family you know now. Such as it is. You are a fighter for the underdog , and you have picked up on his fight too. You feel you have a mission to get him past that situation. To teach him to leave it behind, like you did in your life, but P, you haven't really gotten past yours sweetheart. You just moved away from it. More on that later. At one time you were highly passionate about this person, and I don't think you are now. I do think you have both learned how to get along though. I think you are afraid that after working so hard to deal with all that came with this situation, and having taught him so much, right after you leave, he will take this new person he has become and after a period of time will move on to someone else. It could even be someone from his past and after all of this, it would be unbearable . There is a major part of you that believes this relationship can work out.  You have both been there for each other for a long time. You both deserve good things and have worked hard for them. No one knows more than both of you the amount of pain, difficulties and issues you have had to deal with . You believe that if both of you could finally get past these serious problems, and just had a normal life like most people do, you would be fine. You could be happy. Things would be simple , just like everyone else seems to be able to have with someone.

But unconsciously P, you believe that the relationship is doomed. That you knew that from the beginning.  You feel that most of your life has been a series of one awful thing after another and the two of you together just made it worse. So, tell me - How were you supposed to be able to either leave or stay ?

Something has to shift your way of thinking both consciously and unconsciously.

This is a very karmic time for you. He is a very Karmic relationship for you. I am not making a judgement on where it is supposed to be in your future or who he is supposed to be to you.  We often have people who are so important and so pivotal in our lives that only stay a very short time.  We never forget them, and eventually we realize what they did for us.  You are rapidly changing all the misconceptions about who you were told you were.

You are being asked to allow yourself this transition time to have faith , not only in yourself, but in a power that loves you in a way you never received. This love will carry you. You are so afraid that you will not be taken care of. Of course you are.

I don't know your childhood. I do know that you were abandoned by a parent. I do know that your very survival was threatened by a parent (s) in that they did not take care of you the right way at all. No matter what they said later on, or how they framed it. I know they were abusive to you. I also know you are the proverbial black sheep or truth teller in the family. I know because of where you are right now. I know because of the feelings you have.  We all know that eventually we repeat our parents stories and lives. What we don't know is that we actually repeat the trauma of our childhoods over and over again.

We do this because we are trying to heal them. Its as if we are almost obsessively re-enacting the same situations over and over.

Think of the instances in your life P. The traumatic situations you had. Now - think of the relationship , the issues there, the situations within that whole life you've been leading and find the exact- and I mean Literal  occurrences in your childhood and teen years. Then go back to your young adult years and up to now. Look at how you have continued  to create the same events in order to finally heal them by getting what you always wanted to happen.

The problem comes because we are unconscious of this act. We don't realize we are doing it. When we realize that we can free ourselves from replaying our storybook ( which is what i call this) we can begin to design and write what we want.

So, I am asking you to go back to your beginning. Feel what happened and make the connections. Objectively realize that while you can't get your family to give you what you needed then, you can recognize that you want healthy love now.  It's always possible P. With him, or someone else, or even making a new wonderful start. Its your choice. No choice is wrong, and no choice is written on stone. with love Adena


Hi, I haven't updated our site in a while. I have just answered part one of a free question. You can find it on my blog page.  Keep writing in with your free readings. Summer is drawing to an end, and I'd love to offer everyone a 15 percent discount on readings.  Before 

you schedule , jot me a note and I'll discount the price. Appointments can be made at the time you need the reading. I will receive your email, and or, request. Love adena 


Happy Independence Day! :) 

Be safe. 

I know I am late with our Free Reading . I will have it up in a day or two. Order any reading you want, and I will send you a 10 percent discounted invoice to honor this holiday. xo

Free Reading for this week 

-- I’ve recently applied for promotion, but my present boss is doing everything he can to convince me to stay. He’s offering a promotion, which, although higher than my present post, is lower than the one I’ve applied for. I was thinking along the lines of using the position I’ve applied for as a springboard, but lifestyle-wise (career-life balance), I’m tempted to accept his offer. I hope you can help me decide. I want to ask, career-wise, would it hurt me if I stayed?

Thank you, Adena.

Love, M
It's nice to ​be wanted , especially after all you have been through where you are M, but, you really don't want to be there anymore. You are giving this a very concentrated amount of consideration. In fact I think you may end up almost giving it too much thought. I asked several times, and in different ways whether or not you would be happy if you moved on to the other position, and I think its what you want at the core. Of course I checked both. If you do stay you will feel very much in control of your environment.  That is something to be said for itself considering you haven't felt that way very much in the time you have been there. I also do not feel it would hurt your career in the long run. Normally I would never immediately think of a hidden agenda, but it does occur to me that the hard sell for the promotion may have something to do with who he chose to recommend and who the right candidate is. If the right candidate wants to accept a promotion, then who could say anything about his recommendation about anyone else? After all, someone else accepted another position on their own.  Having said that, I still feel the promotion would be advantageous. I also feel going for the post you want would be good as well. It doesn't come up as a sure thing as what you are being offered, but it certainly does not come up as you not getting it. It looks as if you do get it, it just looks a bit scary. Most of all I think I am registering your intense fear of going for it and then losing the support of your supervisor. I can tell you that I do not believe the other candidate gets it!!!  I know you are going to be fine with either choice you make. Let me know how much time you have before you need to decide. I will write you with some good tips to help you make your decision, love A



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