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Since 2001, Adena Bannick has been an esteemed and trustworthy psychic medium, renowned for her honest, precise, and empathetic readings. With a dedicated and enduring following, Adena has emerged as a prominent independent psychic medium. Utilizing her extraordinary abilities, she provides guidance and establishes connections with the spiritual realm, illuminating and empowering individuals on their unique life’s journey.
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Believe in the transformative power of life-changing experiences with Adena Bannick, CTR. Psychic Medium & Angel Practitioner.

Adena’s readings focus on revealing the choices available to us in every subjective situation and experience.

There is a Universal Law that operates in all our actions, much like gravity or photosynthesis.

Adena is the esteemed Host of Meta Mondays, and her podcast was voted the Best of Spirituality in 2017. Currently on hiatus, her show will return to BBS radio on Mondays.


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Divine Power

Certified® Advanced Angel Reading

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Divine Intentions

Certified® Mediumship Reading


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Divine Power

Reiki Master | Intuitive Body Reading


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