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About Adena

About Adena

I was born Hyper-Conscious. I don't know why. I have never met anyone else who has ever said the same thing. I am sure you are out there , and if so, say hello.

My memories go as far back as a year old. The memory is not about mom, or family. It is about the nature of "being".   One minute I am not aware of a "me" or of being a baby , or child, the next moment , I am aware of myself having what we know of as an " Out of Body Experience". I become conscious of this and I am terrified . My thoughts call it "baby on the ceiling". I have no idea if I used those words etc... but that is in essence what I meant. No one told me this. It is no one else's memory. It is mine. A split second after the fear , I feel peaceful because I "get" the knowledge that I am just a baby right now, but soon I will grow and be able to control baby on the ceiling.

It was shortly after that,  my beings of light and color ( I soon learned to call them angels) began communicating with me.

I had two NDE's in early childhood, and in my early 20's I had a NDE and was in a coma.

 It might sound pretty depressing to say my soul has been transcending the death of our bodies, but the truth is, instead, I have learned we transform into amazing souls who go on and on.  There are very few things I have not gone through in this lifetime.  I felt very sorry for myself for carrying such a heavy burden. 

I'm traveling light these days because I realize this is what empaths do. They go through what they need to, so that they may reflect the strength, the beauty, the resilience and promise that you have in every moment you breathe.  

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March 16,2018 

Before I ever had a Podcast, I answered free Psychic questions on my site. So please continue to send them in and I will edit all of your personal information, and answer them right here.

When scheduling an email reading, ignore the time slots.  Also some of the days have times blocked out. They were put there randomly. Just make an appointment, and I will receive a notice. If I do have an appointment, I will get back to you ASAP. Love Adena


For star lovers, Our true North Star shines in the sky and we follow it Home , Our north node in Astrology is our Karmic reason for being here. Our north Node spurs us on in this life to reach a new plateau of consciousness we have not touched on before this life. Our south node, and the house Placements of these nodes tell us what we finished in our previous lives, what we are too comfortable leaning back on, and how we can receive help, fulfill our purpose and shine on in this one.

Martin Schulman , one of the pioneers of Karmic astrology wrote ( IMHO) the definitive book on the North and South Node in House and Chart called Karmic Astrology The Moon's Nodes and Reincarnation . 

I did a two part series podcast on this subject on my show Growing up Indigo on BBS radio . Part 1 ran on April 20th of last year

part 2 ran on april 27th  I go through all of the signs, all of the houses and try to be as true to Martin Schulman as possible. 

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