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November 11th 2019


Thank you for your help. My question is:
I am suffering and struggling with myself concerning my relationship with my husband and my children’s distance.  I have no support at all in my life.  Please guide me in this situation, how do I find my peace, happiness, and love that I need so badly. I feel damaged from this relationship.
In case you need this info:
My name S
Husband’s name: D
Children: A

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity,

Dear S 

Believe it or not, the solution is easier than you think. It won't be easy to do it, ( or it can be , depending on your outlook) but the way to change it is.

I got a clear enough picture of the recent events to know that the situation between you and your husband was very bad. I also feel that whether or not it was you who wanted him to go , or if it was he who decided, in the end, he feels it is for the best at this point.

Sometimes after years of disappointment in relationships we build up resentments. They come out in many ways, even if we discuss them honestly, they also come out in less than honest ways.

We say things we don't mean and we say things we believe we want at the time that if it were to happen, we would be devastated.

I think you have felt that you sacrificed a lot for your family and put up with a lot from your husband.

You have felt if anything, he had some things to make up to you for certain behaviors.  While this may be very true, often we get caught up in our world and feelings and have a hard time seeing things objectively, even when we think we are.

I know that right now you feel differently than you did before and if you could go back and change some of the things you said and did you would. While you can't do that, you can start changing certain things now.

Dwelling on how you were left , and what you don't have ( while i'm sure is very real) only alienates people.  You need to understand that everyone else in the situation won't see it that way. Even if they did in the very beginning agree with you, there comes a time when they feel its time to move on and start over.

They may see this behavior as manipulative or still placing blame on someone else for all the issues in the family.

You have to come to an inner decision that it isn't all one person. While I know you feel very sorry for it all, and that you want it back, you want him to admit it was all a mistake, that you were right, and that this thing he is involved in is horrible. People don't always admit or apologize the way we want them to.

I bet you aren't saying the things I know you feel either :).

What is needed is some time for you to realize that no matter what happened, or is happening or will happen, it's up to you to change it. You need to carve out a life for yourself. I understand exactly what you mean by having no support. Start creating it. Do something. 

Start focusing on doing something for yourself to take the focus off of your family who aren't giving you what you need right now.

Stop expecting it. Your relationships with them have changed . It will change again. That's what happens all the time. It won't always be like this , but you have to do work on yourself in order to make them positive.

If you work, and stop expecting them to support you so much, whether it is emotional or physical ( I  am not talking about needed economical support)   and you stop speaking about what was done to you, I have seen your relationships with your husband and children undergo a transformation.

You can do this. In fact, I think you have something work wise that you do well. Do it. It will help immensely. Love Adena

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