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Since 2001  Adena Bannick has been a leading independent psychic medium. She  gained a loyal and long standing following with her truthful , accurate and compassionate readings.

Adena's readings are always about uncovering the choices we have  in all the situations and experiences we see subjectively.

"There is a Universal Law working in everything we do. It works exactly the way gravity or photosynthesis does.   Adena is the Host of Meta Mondays, Voted the Best of Spirituality,  Podcast for 2107/17 . Her show is currently on Hiatus and will return to BBS radio on Mondays .  

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June 12 2019 Free reading

J L- I keep overcoming hard times in my life, time after time after time. I  feel like I'm at my breaking point with no relief in sight.

It's been years I've struggled, not just a few months. When am I going to get a good windfall? I could really use a breath of air.

hi J

What happens to people after spending so much time dealing with problems one after the other, or crisis after crisis, is that they forget what it feels like to trust that things will work out. When people tell them " God will only give you as much as you can handle" , they think "really ? because I don't remember the last time I wasn't dealing with something I was in over my head about ".   Brain chemistry changes too. You can't expect to be under enormous pressures without periods of good times and expect hormones and chemicals to keep producing feel good reactors.  That's why most doctor's today write their own scripts for Depression and anxiety when years ago it was strictly done by psychiatrists.  

I'm telling you this so you can put this into the equation as well and understand that it isn't all about you and your life, this part happens to everyone who deals with long term situations.  We think we are so far down that nothing would bring us level again with our own selves. Nothing lasts forever. Good and Bad.  It is incredibly hard to be positive and help good things happen when you are in this mind frame.  But the truth is, if something came down the pike that was amazing,  and I'll leave that to you to figure out what it would be, you'd be amazed at what it could do for you immediately. Sometimes all we need is the reminder of how good life can be. I see that for you ahead.

I don't see perfect, but I do see better.   I know in the past you had to make a decision based on day to day finances you wouldn't have ordinarily have made but it was the best you could do with the circumstances being the way they were . You have another choice to make right now that I believe is about a relationship you are heartbroken over.  You don't have much faith in it right now and I want to say that you know more than you do about the answer. You are ignoring your intuition. Part of this becomes a little clearer later on, but right now what I get is that there is an unknown quantity about it  meaning there are things about someone you don't know or they don't know. There is a lot of sorrow, regret, and feelings of low self esteem that play a large part in this particular situation with a person who I believe may ( or you ) may be not exactly showing each other your true feelings or motives.   You are definitely thinking of starting on a whole new way of life. You seem determined to pick yourself up and start over again, and sort of stake your claim on the world.   This time I see several women you are thinking about.  One appears to be a wife , and/or a mother , and the other one is a woman who you feel isn't in your corner , or she is angry, or has attributes you don't appreciate lol.  Are they 2 sides of one person? Two different people? I can tell you that you want forgiveness and a way to start over but you are afraid of having this conversation and you don't think things will change. 

You have lived your life with one thing happening after another. That is true. You have had financial problems  and issues with traditional relationships ( i.e.) marriage or fatherhood.  So much of what I am getting has a lot to do with you deciding what is worth your effort and what you have decided isn't worth working on.  It's easy to see what you want. You want to be successful in career, money, and to feel committed to your life and to someone you feel is worth what you have to give. 

I can clearly see the different feelings you have toward what you want and don't want in someone.  I also see the behaviors you exhibit that you don't realize contribute to the situation as well. You do not communicate when its very important that you do. You expect other people to do that but you don't.  You have also let things go on far too long without making any kind of move one way or the other.   I do want to say that even though you want good finances , and who doesn't? , I think you are placing a little too much importance on that. Maybe what I mean is that what I see ahead is a woman who is always there. She is practical in her own way. She's a nurturer. She's the type of person who loves her house, has dinner ready ,   and takes care of her family in very hands on ways. She's kind, loves animals and usually surrounds herself with them.  This is who I see up ahead for you.  The windfall you are talking about would come from you knowing that you can make whatever you want to happen, happen by being grateful you have that.  I think you need to examine your overall values. Everyone wants success.  Everyone wants money.

Everyone wants to be told great things about themselves, if they're being honest about what they say.  You are placing your commitment to YOU on someone (s) Else's opinions, or what they can and can't do for you.  You are good at what you do. I see that. You are told you are good. You make a good salary and will do better in the future. You have the passion to do other things as well.  Do them :)   I am not clear about the women i read, so I will go with the last one who was practical. Have the conversation with her :)  All in all J,  I see a very good outcome. Love adena 


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