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Since 2001  Adena Bannick has been a leading independent psychic medium. She  gained a loyal and long standing following with her truthful , accurate and compassionate readings. 

 As a child Adena naturally heard and communicated with spirits she knew were angels. Through-out her life angels and guides have whispered, spoken and often yelled in her ear loudly enough to remind her that her challenge in this life was to experience the truth of what being "consciously in love" with each other can really be;   and in doing that , accepting the responsibility of  reflecting that integrity back to you. 

Adena's readings are always about uncovering the choices we have  in all the situations and experiences we see subjectively. 

"There is a Universal Law working in everything we do. It works exactly the way gravity or photosynthesis does.  This law is that in every single conflict, or loss , or problem, there is not just an opportunity for growth, but knowing why people feel the way they do, or seeing what is making you fearful , and having a birds eye view of an entire relationship can actually change and transform not just this aspect of your life, but every other one as well."

Adena is the Host of  Meta Mondays and Growing up Indigo  ( voted one of the top best spiritual /metaphysical podcast for 2016/2017) . Her show is currently on Hiatus and will return to BBS radio on Mondays . For past Podcasts :

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April 14, 2018 

 While it's true we can't do all of the things we would like to do right now, but, we can start thinking of having the things we can have right now and allow those in.  Maybe, that's what it takes for us to get used to having all the "one days". adena b.  


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I am going to be adding several new pages in the next coming weeks of links, services and people I have worked with and learned from and think you will love. Bear with me as the list will cover decades of information. If there is anything specific you want our site to have, let me know. I would love to add additional readers of different mediums ( no pun intended) to join our site. I am doing it simply to offer as much diversity as I can.  

I am also going to add as many service links as I can with the same spirit of sharing everyone's gifts. Love adena

March 24,2018 

I am going to offer a special price this week for anyone who is interested in having a past life reading. During a psychic reading with someone, depending of course on whom I am speaking with, and what kind of information they are open to, there are times a past life will come up.  It isn't that a past life is not relevant, or that it isn't available, it's that when someone is getting a reading, no matter what kind of reading it is, they usually have several pressing things on their mind , on so many levels that going into a past life would probably be overload and that is the last thing I want to do. 

During my Medical Intuitive and Reiki Readings I will receive past life information that ties in with the emotional and physical issues that you are dealing with now as well, but again, I will touch on that to bring illumination to healing, not to overload.  

A past life reading on it's own would be done if you wanted to know about the connections between you and another person in your life as you related to each other in past lives. It could be done in order to see which lives, and what they were about , that you were working through in this life that you were finishing karma with.  Many times we can tell your souls journey to healing by going back to past lives , your life now, and even touch on your future life, while you send your higher self to all of your lives, healing, love, and compassion, in order to realize that you are eternal, and every moment we live , is happening now, past, present and future. 

So, choose a past life reading, and I will give you a 10% discount immediately. Love Adena 



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