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 After two NDE's in childhood , and one unforgettable pre- near death experience, it was clear I came here for this. hat twinkled and made me laugh) that no one else saw.  Every night they showed me pictures. They began to convey what and why  I was meant to be here.  I was a baby so I never questioned why they did , or why they stressed that my life would be difficult , but that I had requested it, and that they would always be by my side.  Sometimes I would  be "Karenadena" the whole Karenadena, who is an eternal soul. I was aware of that and it bothered me that I was now a baby and had to wait to grow up.   Yet, the  two year or three year old   received comfort from those sweet beings who shielded me from the harsh weight of the world I felt was on top of me , even then. 

 After two NDE's in childhood , and one unforgetable pre- near death experience, it was clear I came here for this. 

Only after years of going through my own struggles,  reactive  emotions and "some" of my intense  karma, was I able to begin to be of assistance to my brothers and sisters in spirit.  I haven't stopped learning, growing or being grateful to you for helping me grow and allowing me the privilege to see the courage and love we all have to offer.  

Had I not had the memories of those very early non earth bound entities of light and colors, I never would have been able to make it through the experiences I have had. Knowing it was something my soul had to do, has given me joy, love and purpose. It's all perspective.  I look at what good is actually coming from any challenge we are facing.  

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February 17,2018 

Yes, I have been remiss getting the free reading out. But here it is. Keep coming back, and keep writing in. 


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Febuary 16 2018 Dear Adena,  I hope you are doing ok. I know you are taking a hiatus from the show (the show is greatly missed!) but as you continue to do free readings I would like to submit a question for it. In the next month or so I'm moving ahead with my life or at least trying to, I'm trying to do something and get my life together, and if you could please look and see if this is going to work? I will be moving back to the town I was living on before moving here, I will be relaying on non profit organizations who help people in my situation to get the help and support I need, this is pretty much my only option and I'm ok with it, I'm just very scared and afraid of things going wrong so if you could please look and give me some insight and guidance, like what should I keep in mind? Or beware of? Anything you may see that can be helpful guiding me in this new path, also something else that I have been terrified about and if you could look I would be very grateful, with the current situation we are living now a days I'm terrified of (edited by adena)  have been here for many years now so technically I have no reasons to worry but I still am because everybody in my situation is and I'm honestly not mentally coping about it and just terrified of something this terrible happening to me, if you could please look and see if there's any reason for me to worry or not it would really help me. Like always thank you so much, I will be very grateful for your help.  . All my love, hugs, P 
Dear P,Please please forgive me first of all for responding so late to you.  I received different views on my first look. When I went to see where you were right now in terms of progress ( it's been weeks since you wrote) i hadn't seen much forward movement. I had gotten more feelings of sadness , regret, both with a person in your life, and I believe family and the lack of support you have felt for so long. I did believe that things you had been frightened of, had not happened, which was wonderful, as well as that you were already now just starting to be on your way in terms of getting it all straightened out and actually going on your journey. However, after a second look, I began to think that what did happen was at first it didn't seem as if someone were going to ensure that there was a permanent way out of a certain problem. Now I believe you have been offered that. Haven't you? Considering that is specifically "the" problem" to begin with, I find this a bit of a conundrum , as I am sure you do as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy it solves a problem. I just don't know that it solves anything else at all.  I know you are thinking this, and I know you are aware of all this, but I think what you are doing is trying to take care of that issue first. Things are changing P. Things are ending, and beginning. There is something coming shortly that you have not expected. I think it is just what I have said up above. It has either already been offered, or about to be, and it will shock you that it will be.  If that is what this is, you will feel stable, happy, and somehow much more financially secure. Now, I am still left with the entire issue. What or why would that change the circumstances you have been living under? Unless, changing the status of it would now release funds, or perhaps make the entire situation more desirable? I do know that for you ( and honestly I don't know anyone in this position who wouldn't feel this way) it would be so so much more wonderful, secure, clear, having that than ending years of something, going on my own, not knowing who, where or what I was going to. That is a given honey. I believe I know the struggle. Well, if this is accurate, then I do. I'm not sure now, that you know this is going to happen. I still think you don't believe it's even on the table. Well, it is. Pick up your utensils lol... here it comes. Im freaking out over here.  Big decisions, right? Heart and Head. use both. Remember, nothing is irrevocable. Nothing is so fixed in place it can't be molded, changed, worked on, you name it. Even changing our ideas about a situation will change the situation. So, think away and catch the moon.

For star lovers, Our true North Star shines in the sky and we follow it Home , Our north node in Astrology is our Karmic reason for being here. Our north Node spurs us on in this life to reach a new plateau of consciousness we have not touched on before this life. Our south node, and the house Placements of these nodes tell us what we finished in our previous lives, what we are too comfortable leaning back on, and how we can receive help, fulfill our purpose and shine on in this one.

Martin Schulman , one of the pioneers of Karmic astrology wrote ( IMHO) the definitive book on the North and South Node in House and Chart called Karmic Astrology The Moon's Nodes and Reincarnation . 

I did a two part series podcast on this subject on my show Growing up Indigo on BBS radio . Part 1 ran on April 20th of last year 


part 2 ran on april 27th https://bbsradio.com/sites/default/files/audio_dirs/growingupindigo/Growing_Up_Indigo_2017-04-27.mp3.  I go through all of the signs, all of the houses and try to be as true to Martin Schulman as possible. 

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