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October 1 2019

I will be posting about 4 more readings  in the next few days. 

 Hey im j​k​n, i know its sunday but its about to be monday anyways tomorrow but i want to know whats going on with my life i feel like there's something i need to know and why am im seeing 33 over and over  


33 can mean so many different things to people. There are different answers people use i.e angel numbers, numerology, tarot, hermetic, kabala, you could find meaning in that literally non stop.  For me, three is the beginning of a time of connecting with other people. Two , as it looks and sounds, would be a coming together of two people, a couple. Three , would be three people or more. Religiously , we know the significance of three. Going back to 2 threes , what it means to me is you are starting out with someone else on a journey brimming with happiness.  Its you and someone else, ut you have the added assistance of other people behind you. It could be family or friends, co workers or networking or community. You have established a base for you both to go out and explore more together. It isn't as if you are going out together into the world alone, broke, with no one to help.
In a way , this union is blessed.  So far, it feels as if circumstances have been easy because it was meant to be. WHatever the situation is, it has happened fortuitously .  You two have the chance working well together as well as enjoying social interaction and fun. While two 33's or 3 in general isn't usually a number of extreme fate, or amazing destiny, it is a number of generosity, enjoyment and it makes life worth the harder things we deal with. The one thing to look out for in 33 is that there is someone around this relationship (  in one or both of the couples lives) that may be left behind, or possibly coming up that will end up hurt. In the enjoyment of whatever you guys are doing, just be careful that you aren't excluding some one important to you in the process. 33 can tell us we're ready to have a great social and wonderful period with people just up ahead, and it also reminds us to remember to think about anyone else who is important and to either let them know what's going on,  or to be sympathetic to their feelings.  What you need to know is that you have been going out a lot and having a good time. I think its been about a situation in your life  that you felt needed to end and while it has, you feel you let other people down. You still have strong feelings of love for whoever it was ( or the situation and people in it)  and what you started recently or what you have been doing since that ended has been about  wanting to move forward and start over and to change your life because you wanted to, but not necessarily because it was something  meant to happen .  You made a decision to do this. You felt at first that it would change all the issues you had if you just left them behind. I believe there is a part of you that is now seeing that wasn't the case at all.   Sometimes boredom or a depression sets in on us and we don't want to feel it or deal with it.  We end up trying to change our lives with new people, new jobs new social activities thinking its them.  Or, just thinking it will help. Eventually we realize if we talk about what we need from people, and what we actually feel that we are hiding from even ourselves - we can make these choices with full knowledge of what and who is truly important to us.  In going back to the 33, it makes sense if you have recently started meeting new people, and possibly left a friend/relationship behind , that it may turn out you really weren't ready to do that. Only you know how you really feel. But first, before you leave, ask yourself some pointed questions about what you really want and feel and whether or not talking it out would help. 

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