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Since 2001  Adena Bannick has been a leading independent psychic medium. She  gained a loyal and long standing following with her truthful , accurate and compassionate readings.

Adena's readings are always about uncovering the choices we have  in all the situations and experiences we see subjectively.

"There is a Universal Law working in everything we do. It works exactly the way gravity or photosynthesis does.   Adena is the Host of Meta Mondays, Voted the Best of Spirituality,  Podcast for 2107/17 . Her show is currently on Hiatus and will return to BBS radio on Mondays .  

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July 2 2019


Are me and my partner J  meant to be together, is he a part of my destiny   ?

​CR - you get your wish , lets have a free phone reading :)​
-----------------------------------    2ND  free reading below

-- This is my one question: I want to choose one name from this shortlist, please select one name that you feel is the most accurate and appropriate, and let me know why did you choose that name. Thank you

Sylwan Steve

Sylwester Stiev

Sylwistr Stiev

I looked at all three.  Each one has a different nuance.  Of course it is all you and of course they are all tiny tiny fractions of you.  As i did this, I realized there is no good or bad. It's all different. The universe is a win-win S,  so I can't say this one is horrible etc..... You chooose. Warmly Adena 

Sylwan Steve - would give you a laser focus as well as courage and protection. I see you being more of a loner with this name. I do see you using intuition and discretion , but you will be too comfortable with your own company and lifestyle that you won't take opportunities to grow when they are presented to you. What will happen is, after a few have come and gone, a huge situation will have to develop that sends a shock wave through your life to let you know that maybe everything isn't as great as it seems. On the positive side,  you would have everything you need to have everything you want. All you would need is to say yes to what is offered. With this name, your first gut reaction is no.  If you are aware of this tendency, it's a great name.  The Archangel Micheal will be working with you under this name. He will protect you, give you courage and light . There is nothing Archangel Michael can't do.  
Sylwester Stiev

This name has a very open generous tone to it. I feel Lakshmi around.  She is the goddess of prosperity and hope.  I did also feel that this name is going to give you a strong pull toward the women in your life. More to the point , a woman in your life. I feel as if this is the name you would use to settle completely down with the woman you love on all levels.  She is the one you have always loved.  It is hard to communicate with her but in doing so you are gaining both wisdom and compassion . This name is how you can learn to nurture yourself. This is what you have always needed to do. This is what you need to do before you can effectively begin again with her .

Sylwistr Stiev

I see and get this as a very physical name for you. In other words , your name would draw healing to you , or you to either focus on a healing profession, or you to work on healing your own health. I saw it in several areas. I also see you being highly responsible , and even being responsible for a group of people with this name, and very respected. There would be a tendency to take on a bit too much, but that is who you appear to be , and I even think you suffer with back issues with this name, but even then, you will have a lot of healing support.  ( of course I also see a woman here as well) . Because so much of this is about body work and responsibility,  i think knowing about how to clear your energy etc... is something you would have to do frequently.  
I hope this helped

CR , I'll have yours up in a bit 


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