Certified Advanced Angel Practitioner® Certified Psychic Medium

What an angel Practitioner does

As a Certified Angel Practitioner® I am not only a natural angel communicator , I have also trained under Charles Virtue.  This means I am certified to have the ability to communicate with all Angels ( Guardian) Arch, Primary using Clairvoyance, Clairaudience,  Claircognizance, and Clairsentience. I have also been trained to use The Virtue ( Both Doreen and Charles Oracle Cards) . During my advanced workshop , I was introduced to Mediumship, and Healing Animals, as well as Energy Healing. psychic medium Certified Psychic Medium

Certified Psychic Medium®

As a child I naturally saw people who had passed over. Not knowing what or who they were, I was terrified and blocked them out.  I asked my Angels to keep them away forever. It worked. Almost. I even worked for many years as a psychic before utilizing my mediumship skills. During my Advanced Angel Course, Charles Virtue guided us into a the level and vibration of a medium. I am one. I was amazed and shocked. It was like breathing for me. It was also the first time I had found myself using all four clairs at one time. I went on to take my certification in Mediumship ® and a workshop with James Van Praagh. During a reading, I will communicate with anyone you are connected with who has passed on. I will get very detailed information that is specific to you. I do not get general answers.  Medium ship readings are the most beautiful readings imaginable.

Reiki Master/Medical Intuitive

 Many years ago , I became a Reiki Master when I myself was diagnosed with a very serious illness. I was already involved in my work, and of course knew that alternative healing worked. Over the years Reiki healing became much more nuanced . The reiki masters began guiding me through a person or an animal's body , showing me the areas that were affected physically. They will tell me what is wrong, and if there is an immediate solution, they will tell me. If I can heal it, they will show me how. They will always show me the corresponding emotional situation, or instance that first began which originally caused the area to inflame, and over time, and many other issues it began to grow into the physical problem it is today.  With your knowledge and the Reiki Masters expertise, we are able to clear it.