Certified Angel Practitioner® Certified Psychic Medium

As a Certified Angel Practitioner® I am a natural angel communicator ,and certified under Charles Virtue. I have the  ability to communicate with all Angels ( Guardian) Arch, Primary using Clairvoyance, Clair audience,  Clair cognizance, and Clair sentience.  I am a natural and Certified Psychic Medium

Certified Psychic Medium®

As a young girl, I did see people who had died. At the time it happened, I was un-aware of medium-ship and what was happening to me at night . They were very different from my angels, and I was terrified by what I saw and heard. I begged my angels to hide them from me and never let me see them again. It worked. In 2011 I took my first Angel Practitioner® course with Charles Virtue and during the course we were guided from the angelic realm into the vibrational plane or frequency where our loved ones exist . I immediately found myself resonating with that energy naturally. I was able to remember what had happened when I was a child, and I knew that medium-ship had been my calling all along. 

The following year I took my Medium-ship Certification with Charles Virtue and in 2013 I attended a medium five day workshop with James Van Praggh. 

Advanced Angel Practitioner®

Advanced Angel Practitioner®

In 2014 I completed my advanced Certification with Charles Virtue. 

I was a mentor and a reader for the American Tarot Association for six years .

I received my Reiki Master Certification from Raine Linda Munoz in 2003.

I feel honored to have been given a moment in someone's life to be able to offer what it is I came here to do. I never want to stop growing, and learning.  I know that every step you or I take opens us all , that much more.