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October 17 2018 Adena's Blog

How many of us secretly feel as if we were born in the wrong time- or missed the memo on what was important in life and how to get it?   How many of us look around at all the things everyone else does and think " where do they get the money , where do they get the time, why don't I have all those friends?".   Why don't I look, feel, live and breeze through my life that way?  Why am I getting divorced from my second wife, haven't gotten a raise in 3 years,  my 2 oldest kids refuse to talk to me and I've gained 20 pounds in six months? 

Because we are dooming ourselves to failure every day of our lives when we pit our overall accomplishments to personality /ego standards.    Our personality is the costume we chose to wear at the ball in this life. It suits us in achieving our soul goals in this lifetime. We have a specific and unique way of viewing the world and mirroring it back. Our ego is meshed with our personality and it's job is to keep us as  readily poised for fight or flight as possible.  The ego  had to be instilled for us to believe in separation between ourselves and a supreme source.  Without an egoistic personality we would not have been able to carry out any sort of individual lives . We would have died instantly because we would have had the knowledge that human beings were all the same person, and at one with animals, sand, sky, water and land.  There would have been no reason to create , invent, strive or learn. We would have had only abundance, all knowledge and know nothing other than love.

We would have had no survival instinct. Knowing simply that none was needed. That the body we came in, was as easily disposed of as falling asleep. 

Whether one is spiritual or religious,  most everyone in the two categories believe in a higher force.  Today most everyone believe that source is loving , not punishing.   Human beings are astounding.  Forget about the physical miracle of the working body which is impossible to contemplate- forget about the human brain which is the most perfect organ in the universe we know , how do we explain our urging to love, heal, empathize and care for others? Why do we also desire to hurt , abuse or kill as well?

Do you think with our abilities to create works of art and beauty that our purpose was to go to a box and sit for 8 hours so we could earn 6 figures and take snapshots of dinner on Saturday to upload on social media?      

We came here for one reason.

All we know where we really reside is love and oneness. One mind. Always. l creating. Now. Now.  There is no time. No past, no future. The present isn't even a concept in the way we think of it now. When I had my NDE the present was simply "now".  We came here to be given the gift of creation and free will . To experience.  No matter what we chose to experience. We need to learn how to choose the experience we want. And we are.  We did not come here to be financially successful. Or to have more friends than our friends.  Or to take another selfie.  Or go to Belize.  

We chose to experience that which we were not , in order to learn to choose who and what we are once again.

Our soul does not know jealousy. Our soul doesn't know fear, or lack. It doesn't recognize difference and evil is only pretending there is no "us". No "God".  

Stop looking at the things that trigger feelings of worthlessness for you. Even the posters don't feel that good about them.  If you need to post a selfie every other day how secure can you really be?  I want you to close your eyes and breathe. Think about who you were 5 years or a year ago. Think of the qualities you have now that you didn't have then.   Think of the person you hoped you would be way back then. Don't think of what you would have, or where you would be in terms of things or places. Think of the kind of person you would be.  I know without a doubt that you have turned out to be, so far, someone of  inner worth. That is what we are here to do. <3