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Angel Readings

  Angel Readings need very little preparation from you. I will ask the Angels to guide us. I will usually make contact with the Arch Angels who are assisting you before we even speak , or , do an email. Be peaceful and open. Angel Readings are best when you want to see a situation from everyone's point of view, so that everyone can benefit. Angels always know how to make that happen.

Psychic Phone Readings

    Just as Psychics themselves vary, so do readings. While my abilities are always the same, each reading is highly personal and different.  I am flexible in my approach in a psychic reading in a way I can't be during a Medium-Ship reading. During a Psychic reading you can say -"please look at this relationship, job, situation, move etc". or simply say " just go in and tell me what you see happening". I can do both. I was a mentor for the American Tarot Association for Six years , and while I don't need tools to do a reading at this stage, I still love tarot, and if I ever want to really check something, I will consult one.  Yes, you can get a psychic reading and if we have time you can ask for a loved one to come through.  I can go from one level to another in a minute.   Feel Free to record me or to write down all the information. 

How Adena Prepares

I will never book clients back to back. I rarely book people within  2 hours of each other.  Usually more. Why? I am an empath. Especially during Medium Ship, Reiki etc.... I will usually feel what the person is feeling to some degree. I must prepare before hand, and equally clear afterward.

My readings are also packed with information. You are not going to leave and think " umm, that was vague.. I wonder what she meant? You'll know. My style is honest. Very. But kind.  I double and triple check during a reading from many views and vantage points to make sure I am getting accurate information all around. Only then will I proceed with what I believe is and will likely happen.

Before each reading, I meditate, invoke my guides , angels, and yours to guide us. I also sit quietly and gather information intuitively about you before we even speak.  By the time we begin, I have already cleared the energy, protected and sent intention out for our good into the universe. Please bring something to write with or feel free to record me. 

Medium ship Readings

Medium Ship readings are the readings you should make sure you know you want before getting one.  People do end up not being happy because they often ask for a medium-ship reading in order to have a parent or grandparent answer or give life advice or the future outcome to very specific situations.  If it is an important issue , I suggest getting either a psychic, or angel reading. Your loved one can still come through in one of those.

For a medium ship reading, you just need to be as open as you can, and try not to expect or insist anyone answer the one thing the one way you want it. Your loved one will come through. You will get specific details. You will know they are seeing you today, this week etc.. by the things they will tell me. They may not have access to your future, or they may simply have something else they want to say. Other people will come in as well. 

You will freeze up when I start saying names to you. Don't worry, write them down. Either by the end of the reading or shortly after you will know who I meant. The brain freeze goes away after the reading.  All of the things I get from them are important. They usually have double and even triple meaning. Take your time thinking about it. Don't rush. If it doesn't make sense in the second. Again, write it all down and it will come to you. At the end of every reading, I will ask each loved one to show you exactly how they contact you now, and will continue to show you it is them around when they are near. 

Certified Angel Practitioner ® Certified Medium®

 For any kind of Reading in this category; be it strictly Reiki and Chakra Attunement, or Reiki and Medical Intuitive , there is no preparation from your perspective. 

The Reiki Masters do the work. They guide my hands, my mind and thought process to heal, to find the links in your body where ill feeling travels, and finally o the emotional causes. Even when You are on the phone with me, or via email, A reiki Master must be able to do this Remotely. We hold you in our Hand and heal by Proxy. I use crystals, I use copper , grids etc which are also used in Reiki both when I am on the  phone and when I am doing this for you on my own and writing you afterward or calling you afterward. You will feel it and in so many cases get medical confirmation that  issues have been cleared.