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Certified Angel Practitioner® Certified Psychic Medium


As a Certified Angel Practitioner® I am a natural angel communicator ,and certified under Charles Virtue. I have the  ability to communicate with all Angels ( Guardian) Arch, Primary using Clairvoyance, Clair audience,  Clair cognizance, and Clair sentience.  I am a natural and Certified Psychic Medium


Certified Psychic Medium®

As a very young girl I naturally spoke to beings I learned later to call Angels. It wasn't until the ages between 9-11 t hat I became aware of my ability to see people who had died.    My mother was able to see people who had just died as they were leaving the earth , and they would say goodbye to her and often tell her details she couldn't have known.  My mother did not believe in things like this and although the details she received were later confirmed, she would always brush them off as some kind of strange occurrence.   When people began coming to me during the evenings , I did not understand that they were passed on. I could feel what they felt but didn't understand why they showed me parts of their life and the things that hurt them.    I asked my angels to please take them away and never bring them back. For many years I had no memory of that time period.  I only knew that before someone I loved in my family died, I would dream that they were leaving on a train and had come to say good-bye to me. Within three days they would be gone. After they had died I would find objects tied to them that were highly specific and significant that had not been there before they had died. I would find my things moved, misplaced and then put back in the original place.  I was also able to hear their voice clearly and they said and spoke in the way and manner they did when they were alive.

It was during my Angel Practitioners ® Course that  the flood of memories came back of my natural ability , and with it came the ability to see, feel,  and hear them.   


Advanced Angel Practitioner®

Advanced Angel Practitioner®

What we call Angels were my first friends.  I didn't think of them as Angels or see them that way.   Sometimes they had faces and bodies , but not always.  They covered me in blankets of warmth and love that felt even warmer than my mother who to me was the very meaning of love.   My early life was somewhat difficult.  I was also a  child who  was acutely tuned in to everyone else's feelings and was incapable of separating theirs from my own.  Angels were my source of kindness in a harsh and chaotic world.   

Sometimes I forget to ask for their help in my daily life. I go it alone.  I think I have to do it all myself.  When I fall short, when I can't do it all, I stop and ask, and just as easily as that , things start working out , with a little help from my friends. 

Advanced Angel Certification with Charles Virtue. 

Certified Medium ®  Charles Virtue

Mediumship Course  -James Van Praagh

I was a mentor and a reader for the American Tarot Association for six years .

I received my Reiki Master Certification from Raine Linda Munoz in 2003.

I feel honored to have been given a moment in someone's life to be able to offer what it is I came here to do. I never want to stop growing, and learning.  I know that every step you or I take opens us all , that much more.